Ways to Earn

Ways to Earn

You can earn on Bevie Global Service LTd Concept through the following ways.


A one time 30% Product voucher is given to you to shop anything your voucher can cover from the website immediately you purchases a Package, You will have a maximum of 12months for the voucher to be used to shop on this website.


A one time 10% Direct referral bonus is paid to you, when you refer any individual who purchases a package from the system. This Bonus is paid in your cash wallet and you can withdraw it every month.


Also when your Binary tree completes a total of 6 persons under your network directly or indirectly who have purchased packages you will be paid another 5% of the total business volume generated From this 6 packages on the weaker leg This Bonus will be paid in 50% Cash and 50% Voucher. The Cash can be withdrawn every month while you can shop Products with the Voucher.


Bevie pays it's Active affiliates 16.5% monthly for 12months after which you must renew your package if you wish to Continue with the business. This Bonus is paid as 12.5% Cash and 4% Voucher, this means you can withdraw your monthly earnings on monthly basis and Use your Voucher to Shop anything it can cover.

Note: You can always upgrade to higher package anytime anyday while your account is already running..


You qualify to earn leadership bonus when you grow from one rank to another and you can earn from 1st Generation upto 4th Generations. depending on your rank levels and this bonus is paid in Cash and Voucher. Eg. When you have an accumulation of 30,000 point value on your weaker leg (30,000PV) you qualify for Platinum Rank and you earns 5% of the total business volume generated on your first generation

Note: Your Rank determines the percentage of your earnings.


Monthly team bonus are paid on monthly basis when you qualify by generating a Minimum of 30,000PV on your weaker leg and Above within a particular month and this bonus are paid in Cash and Voucher.

Note: You can earn between 5% to 10% Your packages Level determines your percentage earnings even with the same effort.


Bevie rewards it's hard working members with Different kinds of awards. When you attain a certain Rank you gets an award from us according to your Rank.

Note: You have the right to choose Cash and Voucher when you don't want the awards Gifts from the company.


Partnership bonuses are bonuses paid to Service centers, State representatives and Country representatives according to the Business Volumes Generated on monthly basis. For you to be a Service center, state representative or Country representative These are the requirements:

1) To have an office space that comprices Of an attendance room for Visitors that needs special enquires from the manager.
A Seminar room that can contain a Minimum of 20 persons.
A warehouse space for Product storages.
2) A refunded $5000, $10,000 and $20,000 will be deposited to the company Account for monthly purchases of e-pins for activation of packages.